Shark Quest – New for 2018

M/V Mistral – 25 January 2018

Eleven divers jumped onboard M/V Mistral for our very first ever week of  – Shark Quest!…  

The Shark Quest itinerary is totally flexible within the area of Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone. 

Our experienced guides use their local knowledge to go to the best places to see sharks, rays and enjoy pelagic action. 

This means the most time possible is spent on the hottest sites without sticking to fixed schedules and timings.

We were all really excited and couldn’t wait to hear how the trip went.

Shark Quest Week

Our first week of the Shark Quest itinerary really lived up to it’s name!

M/V Mistral headed straight to the Brothers from Port Galeb.  The Brothers are known for Shark action and it’s been a hot site recently for oceanics.  The first day at little brother brought in two curious Oceanics.  This was the start of a very successful trip.

Day 2 at Big brother was simply beyond amazing with 4 Oceanics and then a Thresher Shark spotted at the Plateau!

Arriving at Daedalus on day 3 – divers certainly were not disappointed that they had moved on.  4 Oceanics put in an appearance over the two days.

The last dives of the trip were at Elphinstone – always great diving but sadly this time around no Sharks.

Lots of smiling faces on board and a very successful Shark Quest!

We are looking forward to many more pelagic packed weeks ahead in 2018.


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