Liveaboard Diving – Your questions answered…

Whether it is your very first time liveaboard diving or you have tried it many times before but with another fleet you will of course have questions.  We have compiled a list of questions we are frequently asked before trips to help you prepare and plan your liveaboard diving adventure.

If your questions are not answered in our list contact us and one of our team of Red Sea and Dive Experts will get back to you with the answer.  Your question will then be added to your ever growing FAQ list.

Can I hire kit?

Not a problem.  We have a full range of kit in a range of sizes

I am travelling alone how does the cabin allocation work?

We welcome a lot of single divers.  You have a choice of booking a private cabin at an extra cost or a same gender shared cabin.  For non Egyptian guests we offer the option of shared different gender cabins also.

Do I need a computer?

We highly recommend diving with a computer and insist that all divers without stay with a guide a dive according to RDP or wheel.  To maximise enjoyment a computer should be hired.

Should I buy insurance before I come?

We insist on insurance for all divers on board our fleet for their own safety.  We offer DiveMaster Insurance which is a UK based company and can be bought on board. Proof on insurance should be brought with you.

I have a 'yes' on the medical form what should I do?

When a guest answers ‘yes’ on a medical form they need to receive a fit to dive from a physician.  Ideally this is done before arrival however it is possible in destination although can cause a delay to departure and is not recommended.

What do I wear?

Liveaboards are relaxed.  Casual clothing for dinner and warm clothes during winter and also for night time.  A couple of fleeces and pairs of socks should suffice to make you feel snug.  Shoes are checked in at the start and returned at the end of trip.

I am a new diver can I join a trip?

Yes.  We accept divers who have completed their knowledge and confined dives on some trips.  Check out our itineraries page for requirements.

I am a tec diver - can I guarantee a tec week?

We have tec instructors on board where requested who are delighted to dive with you on suitable dives.  Should you require a tec guide this should be requested at the time of booking along with you tec requirements.

I have food allergies - can you cater for me?

For sure.  Our trained chefs are experienced in catering for the most strictest dietary requirements.

Do you offer free diving trips?

Yes. We have free diving escorts available to join trips and specific free diving weeks.

Can I book a private guide?

Of course.  With some of our boats we are able to offer the private guide option.