Saudi Arabia

Tornado Marine Fleet offers two main itineraries for diving enthusiasts: the Farasan Banks from November to May, and Yanbu from May to the end of October. By operating in these two locations, we ensure that our cruises can run seamlessly throughout the year. The Farasan Banks are a winter destination located south of Jeddah, while Yanbu, which is north of Jeddah, is perfect for summer diving.

Seven reefs five sisters

Our one-way cruises from Jeddah to Yanbu, and vice versa, provide a unique opportunity to explore Rabigh’s Five Sisters, a group of reefs teeming with diverse marine life. Moving further north, our cruises will visit the isolated reefs of Shaab Suflani and Mansi before reaching the Seven Reefs of Yanbu. Here, divers can experience encounters with large pelagics surrounded by coral reefs.

Sud farsan jeddah

During the season, we also offer transfer cruises from Jeddah to the Farasan Banks and back, with embarkation and disembarkation from different ports. Our itinerary includes the beautiful Qumais Islands, where divers can explore the depths and feel like explorers discovering an unknown place.

Farsan south

For those seeking even more adventure, we offer trips to unexplored areas of the Farasan Banks, with embarkation from the Al Lith private marina located 250km south of Jeddah. Our cruises will take you to the southern area of the Farasan Banks, where you can dive into virgin reefs and uncharted territories.

Farsan bank

The Farasan Bank, our other main itinerary, offers a breathtaking underwater world filled with all kinds of marine animals, including ospreys and gannets. Half of the turtles that lay their eggs call this area home, and divers can explore pristine backdrops and walls that rise vertically from the depths. Embarkation for this itinerary is also at the Al Lith private marina.

With our carefully crafted itineraries and experienced crew, we guarantee a diving experience unlike any other. Whether you are a seasoned diver or a beginner, our cruises offer something for everyone. Join us on our next adventure and explore the magnificent underwater world of Saudi Arabia.