Who we are...

It’s not our job it’s our passion.

A Word from our Founder and Chairman

Our mission is to relentlessy ignore mediocrity and focus on achieving excellence.  By following our methodology of consistency and what is perceived as hidden maintenance we can and will reach our full potential.

Tornado Marine was built from passion and dreams but mainly hard work and vision.  In each of my employees regardless of nationality, background, gender or age I seek out key competencies – Passion, Drive, Knowledge and Experience.   Building a strong team is paramount to the success of the Luxury Liveaboard Fleet and the enjoyment of divers.

Diving is my passion – The sea is my life – My dreams are of boats….

Ayman Mousa

Founder and CEO, Tornado Marine Fleet

Luxury Liveaboard Team

We are fun, friendly and passionate.  Your smiles make our days worth while.  From back office to those you see onboard our Luxury Liveaboard Fleet we all have a love of the sea.

What you will recieve with Tornado is consistency.  We aim to retain staff by developing their skills and helping them to reach their full potential.

Our oldest guide – Reda – has been with Tornado Marine for over 14 years.  His knowlegde of the boats, reefs and actually most of our guests is second to none.  A friend to all and an example of our success.

Moving to the back office – we encourage retired guides to join our dry team.  One member who joined in 2005 has used her experience and knowledge to further develop our procedures and aid divers in selecting their perfect liveaboard.


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Divers are the easiest way to define ourselves.