Shark Quest Itinerary

M/V Hurricane – 25 April 2018

Hurricane looked very stylish indeed as she sailed out for her first trip after her extensive dry dock and make over on a Shark Quest Itineary. She headed directly to Ras Torombi for a full day of diving.  The water temperature was a warm 23 degrees and sea conditions – perfect!  The night dive was well worth the plunge with a huge moray eel hunting – octopus – calamari and much more being sighted.

Day 2 was amazing with Hurricane being the only boat at the remote Brother Islands. Sea-conditions were almost flat and it was a warm 24 degrees in the water.  Diving began at Little Brother before moving to Big Brother for the last dive of the day.  The quest for sharks proved to be a success with sightings through the day of Hammerheads, Oceanics and Grey Reef Sharks.  The success of the day was topped off by a very large lone dolphin under the boat close to the reef.

Day 3 Up bright and early for the first dive of the day with just two divers electing to dive the Numidia and the rest the South Plateau.  A Thresher Shark and Oceanic were sighted under the boat. Later in the day more Oceanics, Hammerheads and big shoal of tuna in the blue water.

Daedalus on Day 4 was again very calm surface conditions but water temperature rose to 26-27 degrees.  A superb days diving – more sharks, giant trevallies, barracuda at the cleaning station high on the reef – and much more.  In the evening five large silky sharks and one oceanic white tip were circling around the boat.

Sea conitions were calm again on day 5.  With quite a few boats at Daedalus and all of them diving the North Plateau the team decided to dive the South Plateau which they had to themselves.  It proved a good decision with one Oceanic just below the surface around the boat and then at the corner two Napoleon Wrasse, flatworm, Hammerhead, Grey Reef Shark and not to forget our friend Nemo! A total of 6 Hammerheads were spotted through the day during some excellent dives.

Sea conditions remained calm for the final day of diving but the water temperature dipped back down to 23 degrees.  The first dive at Elphinstone divers watched a turtle having his breakfast and the last dive of the week was again at Elphinstone on the beautiful South Plateau.

Lots of celebrations on board this week with Frances and Karen both celebrating their birthdays.  A big well done to Richard and David who completed their PADI Deep Diver Specialty Course.

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Shark Quest Itinerary

Day 1:

Ras Torombi (3 dives including night dive)

Day 2:

Little Brother – North Plateau / East Wall

Two sites offered Little Brother – South Plateau and Little Brother – North Plateau / West Wall

Two sites offered Big Brother – South Plateau and Big Brother – Numidia

Day 3:

Two sites offered Big Brother – Numidia and Big Brother – South Plateau

Two sites offered Little Brother – Coral Garden East Corner and Little Brother –  From dive deck

Little Brother – Coral Garden East Corner

Day 4:

Daedalus – North Plateau

Two sites offered Daedalus – Anemone City and Daedalus – North Plateau

Daedalus – North Plateau

Day 5:

Daedalus – South Plateau

Daedalus – South Plateau

Daedalus – Anemone City to North Plateau Drift

 Day 6:

Elphinstone – North Plateau

Elphinstone – South Plateau

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Gallery of the Week