St Johns Itinerary

M/V Hurricane – 20 June 2018

Hurricane – famous for Southern Red Sea safaris- set sail for adventures in St Johns with both British and French divers on board.

The water temperature was perfect ranging between 27 and 28 degrees through out the week.  With a lot of photographers on board the hunt was on for the perfect shot.  A selection of thier work from the trip is shown in the gallery. Thanks to all those who shared their shots.

Three dive were offered on day one with free swimming morays, shrimps and more being sighted.  Day two was very windy and with some surge in the water but some good dives with an Open Deck policy Sha’ab Claudia.

St Johns Caves were next on the route with divers exploring on Days 3 and 4.  Blue fin Travally livened up the night dive – hunting in the torch lights.  

A turtle, lots of different types of trigger fish and tiny blennies at Sataya on day 5.  Divers heard the sound of dolphins but could not catch sight of them. 

Sea conditions were rough on day 6 and Elphinstone was quite busy.  The boat decided instead to dive close to shore and were delighted to spot a green turtle with remoras, 3 huge honeycomb stingrays, hwksbill turtle and a school of Indian Mackrels.

Thanks to the divers on board for making this such a fun trip and we hope to see you all soon.

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St Johns – Southern Red Sea 

Day 1:
Check dive at Abu Dabab III
Sha’ab Marsa Alam
Sha’ab Marsa Alam (night dive)

Day 2:
Sh’ab Claudia (Open Deck)

Day 3:
Paradise Reef
St Johns Caves (Open Deck)

Day 4:
St Johns Caves (Open Deck)

Day 5:
Staya South
Sataya South (wall and Coral Garden)
Abu Galawa

 Day 6:
Abu Dabab III
Marsa Shona

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Gallery of the Week